It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It’s okay if you have cried a lot last night.

It’s okay to scream.

Its okay if today you do not feel the way you felt yesterday.

It’s completely understood why you need space.

It’s okay if you don’t wanna talk or share. You  want some me time and that’s perfectly perfect.

Let the feelings flow. If you want to cry, cry out loud, but once you are done it should be over. There is no point lamenting your whole life on one thing. Live a life full of emotions. Tell people you are not okay. You need to cry.

Now a days only a few face readers are left. You need to express to be understood. IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY.

A paradox

She care yet she doesn’t give a damn

She has a nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange

She want people to stay close but she needs space

She love socializing but she loves sitting alone 

She hates melodramatic people but sometimes she is one of them

She is gentle but tough too

She can read people but can be totally ignorant on how you feel

Predictably unpredictable…. 

She is a paradox​

Why Delhi ??

‘Oh, such a polluted city’ ‘It’s so crowded’ ‘That city is not safe’ ‘Delhi summers are awful’

Still I love Delhi. Why? It’s not my birthplace nor it’s my hometown but still I feel so connected to this place. The chaos this city offers is loveable. It’s people posses tremendous energy and good vibes. 

Paranthe wali gali, moving aimlessly in Connaught place, getting struck in traffic at 2am this city will never fail to surprise you. I love calm and serene environment. Delhi is a complete contrast. It’s everything that  I’m not. Maybe the charisma of the city makes me forget my worries. I live without thinking what’s gonna happen next. The people, they love immensely hate even more dedicatedly. The monuments tell their own story. Delhi is a unique blend of old and new.

On the whole Delhi is a loveable mess​

Living Stories

All we are…are living stories waiting to be read and understood’ I read these lines while surfing the Internet and found them to be so true. We are writing our own story while also waiting for someone to understand us, to feel what we feel, to understand how vastly we perceive things. But in the constant race of finding that someone we forget to read ourselves. You are also the reader of someone elses story, handle that story with care too. We all are finding an avid reader while also being the writer of our own story…Keep reading and writing

You are Perfect..

Yes, you are perfect just the way you are. Stop wishing you looked like someone else. Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you. Stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks. Love them without them you wouldn’t be you and why do you want to be someone else. As long as you are comfortable in your skin it’s absolutely okay. Change only when YOU feel it’s necessary. You are the leader of your life. Don’t give the key of your happiness to someone else. Love Yourself.

To those lost in chaos

Wait..The moment just passed by did you bothered to look up. Do you remember the last time you sat by the window with your cup of coffee? The last time you gave the passer-by a winning smile? How long it has been since you and Mom cooked together. It’s really not about the big turnovers in life rather about the little things we miss everyday. I don’t know what  you are going through. We live in completely different stories. The world maybe is on chaos. Maybe your life is too but the storm will clear and the sun will again shine bright. You’ll have to discover yourself. Wait…Relax…Cherish the moment!!!