What a journey… certainly going to miss it. Pata nhi Kya Kya pagalpan kiyen hai.

Saara saara din house board ke kaam ke liye bahar rehna. Bus miss karna. Juniors ke saath bunk. Kisi ke breakup par link up se zyaada Khush hona. Bus k parties.

Arpit ka Bina pooche class se nikalna. Manan ka school main phone lakar gane bajana. Aryan ka present bolne ka tarika. Rajyawardhan ka “hanji” ma’am. Aryaman ke dukh baare tragedy wali kahaniyan . Nikhil ka baad main baad main. Tanvi ka school sucks. Prabkirat aur mera kisi ki ulti seedhi harkat par look share karna. Ishtpreet ka gaana. Harshit ka guitar. Aryan goel ke to Kya kehne!! Ladaiyan to hamari epic hi thi. Prishita,Shefali,Shruti ki high pitched awaz. Pratham (sorry but I need to add this) ke jaale par namek chidkna. Kompal aur Khushi ki copies Ghar lekar jaane ke liye minte. Aur Amogh ka unhain bolna padh Liya karo fail ho jaoge. Tanvi ki time keeping aur prabgat sir ke period main silent countdown. Bell bajte hi chehre par smile aa jaana par sir phir bhi class se nhi jaate the. Hardik k 0.5 marks se bhi pass hone par khushi see ujhalna. Mujhe aur manan ko paper main cheating na karane ke liye rishwat Dena. Nidhi maam-sabki favourite. Prabhat sir ki out of the way discussions. Anupama ma’am ki games. Komal ma’am ki stories. Jasbir ma’am ka daud jao. Praveen sir ka, “We know you guys are stupid don’t try to prove it.” Khamoshi ma’am ki Khushi see good morning. Mamta ma’am ka definitely.  And all those I missed above.

I’ll miss everyone, everything. Wish all you guys a fruitful and successful lives ahead.

I’ll miss you 10th A

I’ll miss you HPS.

Dear Ex-Bestfriend💜

Hii, its been a long time since we talked, fought and a long time since we stalked some guy.

Ok so from a long time I was feeling this, I have never been your priority (oh!! wait, I have never been anyone’s). You find solace in someone else, and I guess that’s alright priorities change, don’t they ?

Mine to changed from you topping my priority list to your position shifting to somewhat middle. I changed. For the better.

You have found some new friends and you really have made a sincere effort that I too indulge with them. But with them I feel like an anomaly, with you I felt like I belong.

There are still some bad days when your new found friends can not provide a solution you come to me. We share a good laugh things start falling into place and then when you start feeling better you find the company of your friend again.

You have not been here for a while now and I have changed. I am no longer the person that brushed off feelings. I do care for people around me. I am selfish now I care for my feelings too. And you hurt me.

The people I am with now are a bit nicer. They love me genuinely. Moreover they give me space.

This doesn’t mean we will not talk, we won’t discuss the new song thats been released last week. Its just you are not my best friend anymore. We are friends only.



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all those reading my blog.

Thanks for your inputs and support.

May 2018 proves to be a flourishing year for your career health and family..

What I Learnt This Year?

2017 is as usual  ending.

This year went to fast (every year goes like this)

Ok, what did I learn this year

2017 for me was a year of love, broken friendships, broken trust and lots of turmoil.

1. Love is the most beautiful thing a person can experience. Be it with a person,an animal, a place or nature. 

2. Your family is everything. Only they will be there for you always.

3. People only listen what they want to.

4. Do everything for a person and they will only remember what you didn’t do.

5. There is a little good in everyone. We all are beautiful.

5. Grades are important.

6. Never break anyone’s trust EVER.

7. Emotions are important. Share them, feel them. Believe me all that was inside my head never got  not atleast in the way I want till this year.

8. The shit you are worrying about today will not matter in the next 10 months.

9. People leave. Don’t get attached.

10. Be a traveler not a tourist.

11. Live in the moment. When you eat, talk or walk stay where you are.

12. Be an observer.
Wishing you all a great year ahead..

Happy New Year 2018💕

The trouble caller

“The street fights have always been my area of interest I loved them for not a reason more than surveying the people there,” confesses Varun.

“But this one was different honestly I was drawn to this like the people fighting there were calling me…”

” Stop Varun!,” Saisha interrupts. She knows all his never ending excuses. ”I am sick of this attitude of yours. You need to stop calling trouble for yourself.” 

Yes Varun had brought himself a trial by jumping into the fight of someone completely unknown again. And as always Saisha jumped just in time to save him from cops taking him away

 “I am not gonna be there forever.” She says with a tone of sadness and a lot of care.

“I’ll make you stay forever,” said Varun the optimistic flirt.

What do you mean?

 Many a times people try to open to you a topic that would instigate a reaction which is unpleasant to them, so they zigzag that to you in different conversation. Putting filters on that unpleasant thing. What they are actually doing is changing their emotions, putting a cover on them, and expressing it in a whole different way

 As I am growing older I  appreciate straight forward people more and more. Like ya..if you are angry at me please say that. If my action hurt you, express it. You don’t like what I did, tell me. I’ll respect you. There’s no point showing your passive aggresision. Speak about what makes you angry. You might face a spontaneous reaction of defensive behavior but trust me it’ll be whole lot better than speaking what you don’t mean and expressing what you mean in a zigzag way. Say what you feel, mean what you say.

His Love 

Everyday while going to work the childhood love of Sameer used to haunt him, mock him, lure him  to fall in the trap. He saw her first on a treck to the hill. It was love at first sight for him. She was standing on the edge of cliff as if capturing the falling sunlight. How can he ever forget that face. The lips curved in a smile. He saw the world through her eyes. But life has its own strange way. He had to go back. They promised to meet again. And now when he had got placement in one of then most appreciated firms he could not stop dreaming about her

Surprisingly he used to see her everyday on his way to work, but never had the courage to meet her, to get her in his life.He had many responsibility on his shoulders, after all he was the sole bread winner in his family. She was like passion to him. 

 So one fine day finally he kept all the good and bad aside went for her. To fulfil his promise. To get the camera he loved immensly. The camera he had been in love with since his childhood, the one which he met on the treck. The one that had the perfect smile and eyes.  The Nikon D3400

Editing credits: Kompal

A Person

Just read this

“It happens like this
One day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else-closer to them than your closest family. Perhaps this person carries within them an angel-one sent to you for higher purposes; to teach you an important lesson or to keep you safe during a perilous time. What you must do is trust in them-even if they come hand in hand with pain or sufferings-the reason for their presence will become clear in due time.

Though here is a word of warning: you may grow to love this person but remember they are not yours to keep. There purpose isn’t to save you but to show you how to save yourself. Once this is fulfilled;the halo lifts and the angel leaves the body as the person exits your life. They will be stranger to you once more.”

And would continue this-

You must not dispirit yourself.  That person would still be around you; guarding you, protecting you; with you at your lows, showing you your own light, strengthening you with your own power.

He’ll not be around you. He’ll be in you


She loses herself a bit in everything she love.

She loses herself a bit in the things she hates.

She loses herself in her favorite song.

She loses herself in mundane maths.

She loses herself in the infinite sky.

She loses herself in the never ending roads.

She loses herself in the chilly winter mornings

She loses herself in the sweaty summer afternoons.

She loses herself in almost everything.

And then you wonder why she keeps falling from stuff??

Why she acts so stupid??

Why she keeps bumping in things??

She is lost in the chaos of her mind.

She finds herself in the lostness.

She loves being lost

Moreover she loves herself utmost.

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